Raw placenta is known for its high concentration of stem cells and growth factors which repair and heal damaged tissues and organs. Consuming a small piece of raw placenta is the most organic, natural and effective way to replenish your body after birth.

Placenta smoothies are recommended for everyone! However they are highly recommended for c-section births, long labour's and women who haemorrhage after birth.

For more information on the benefits and process of placenta smoothies click here.


You can add on smoothies after birth if you feel like you would benefit from an immediate boost. Get 2x 350ml fresh and 2x 350ml frozen smoothie packs. Additional frozen smoothie packs can also be booked on request at £15 per smoothie.


Fruits included in the smoothie:
- Blueberries

- Banana

- Strawberries

- Blackcurrants 

- Cherries


If you are alergic to any of these fruits and would like other fruits then please let us know below.