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Erin Barclay and baby Fearne

"As some of my closest people may know I suffer with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which is a form of depression that is related to the changes in seasons. When we found out I was pregnant with Fearne this was quite a worry for me with being due in October and knowing that on some of my worst days I can’t seem to pull myself out of bed no matter what, which just isn’t possible with a new baby. This also made me more worried about post natal depression too, remembering my mum going through it after having my sister after looking into ways of helping avoid PND I came across placenta encapsulation and this is when I found Kerrie.


After talking to Kerrie about some of the products she offers and doing some research into the benefits of consuming your own placenta and what would benefit me and why, I was sold! I couldn’t wait to get my capsules after giving birth to Fearne! 


I honestly cannot believe how good my moods have been the past 7 and a half weeks. Every one of my family commented on just how well I was doing after birth, I had so much energy, even with breastfeeding every hour or so, and still do! You definitely notice the difference when you forget a day or two I had put on 5 stone over my pregnancy and just after 1 week I was back into my pre pregnancy jeans (now less than 1 stone heavier than pre pregnancy) and my skin has honestly been the best it’s ever been in my life!  these little capsules have been a god send and I would recommend them to everyone that’s pregnant!! I also got Carrier oil from Kerrie which has been amazing on Fearne’s skin the difference in just one use was amazing! (Last pic)


Kerrie has also been simply amazing throughout my pregnancy and afterwards! Constantly answering allllll my questions, checking in just to see how I was whilst pregnant, super supportive and even introduced me to my hypnobirthing coach Claire (thats for another story!) She is so bloody passionate about what she does and it shows 1000% . Thank you for everything! #girlboss!


"Kerrie, omg! I used my oil on Fearne's head last night and the difference this morning is amazing!! She's either got baby acne or erythema, both just very red spots basically and the redness has calmed down massively!"

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Danielle Chima and baby KaideN

"Just wanted to message you and show you these results on Kaiden. 

The first pic (top left was taken 23rd December) and the last pic (bottom right) was taken today - the other pics, I took one every few days as it was healing.


Kaiden got cradle cap on his forehead/eyebrows and I put my placenta oil on it every second day this past week and these are the results. I can’t believe it. I know other babies that have suffered from cradle cap and it’s taken weeks/months to disappear so I can’t believe the results in 1 week. I’m so glad that I got my placenta encapsulated and got all your other amazing products using my placenta. It’s truly amazing. Thank you xx"

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Elaina McLeod and Baby William

When I was about 5 months into my pregnancy with William I decided I wanted to have my placenta encapsulated! I knew this was something people can have done. It was just so amazing that I found someone so local who could provide such a service to me and be on hand for any questions and information. Kerrie is so lovely and very prompt with what she offers. I had my son mid morning the Friday, my placenta was packed away after my sons birth in the cooling box provided, Kerrie was up to the hospital shortly after lunch time to collect my placenta and I had received my capsules and package I opted for back to me at home by the Saturday evening!!!!! Now that's what you call first class service!!!! It's now over 6 weeks later, I feel absolutely amazing, I felt the benefits within days of taking the capsules despite having a C section. I reckon I still have around 2+ weeks worth of these little capsules of what I can only describe as MAGIC. I'm sitting here at almost 2am still wide awake despite 6 weeks worth of night feeds myself, running on very little sleep and running about as us mums do, feeling still absolutely buzzing. Everyone has says they can't believe I've not long had a baby even after a week I was back to my usual routines. What's more if you get an amazing keepsake with your cord and oils etc. It comes packed in such beautiful packaging. I am just so gutted that I never had this option for when I had Adele cause I did worry that being 6 years older   I'd be feeling the strains of going back to the baby stages but I honestly can't recommend this service enough. It's so Amazing what us woman do... So to any expectant mamas out there I would highly HIGHLY recommend this!!!!!"

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